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ADUS Breda

The genesis of ADUS DeepOcean was the formation in 1986 of the ADU (Archaeological Diving Unit) at the University of St Andrews, a team of marine archaeologists who were contracted to the UK Government to investigate historic wrecksites.

Two key members of the team, Director Martin Dean and archaeologist Mark Lawrence, accumulated between them more than twenty years experience of geophysical surveying including empirical research into comparison of side scan sonar systems and also ground discrimination from sonar data.

In 2001 the ADU’s dive support and survey vessel was used as a platform for the survey of WW1 German warships in Scapa Flow.  This exposure to the potential of multibeam sonar for accurately and rapidly surveying shipwrecks resulted in the formation in 2004 of ADUS (Advanced Underwater Surveys) within the University. As well as undertaking research into data collection methodology, ADUS were contracted to survey a number of shipwrecks in high resolution for government agencies.

In 2006 Professor Chris Rowland, a keen diver and Director of the 3D Visualisation Research Laboratory at the University of Dundee, together with John Anderson, then a freelance visualisation programmer who had been a research student of Chris, joined the team and began applying their visualisation skills to ADUS’ survey data.

The improved results attracted an increasing number of external requests for surveys, so the two Universities, Dundee and St Andrews, together with the three principals, Rowland, Lawrence and Dean, set up a private limited company, Advanced Underwater Surveys Ltd, in 2008 as a channel for ADUS’ commercial work. It was at this time that Aubrey Thompson joined the Board of Directors as Chairman to provide the necessary business expertise to help set up and then develop the company.

In May 2013, the DeepOcean Group acquired 50% of the company whose name changed to ADUS DeepOcean Ltd.  This has lead to investment in research and has brought additional expertise to the original team, including Gabriel Walton, an experienced hydrographic surveyor, Stuart Leather as the new Business Development Director and Dylan Gauld, a PhD student working under Chris’ supervision. In February 2014 hydrographic surveyor Aart Van Kerkwijk also joined the team so that ADUS DeepOcean could benefit from his expertise in laser systems.

DeepOcean Group

Adus DeepOcean

DeepOcean Group is an integrated provider of safe, high quality, innovative services and technologies for the subsea industry. Demonstrating an extensive track record, DeepOcean Group offers a breadth of subsea services including Survey and Seabed-mapping, Subsea Installation, Seabed Intervention, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), and Decommissioning.

This strong portfolio of services, coupled with a fleet of owned and controlled specialised equipment and multi-purpose support spreads, enables DeepOcean Group to bundle its subsea services to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

DeepOcean Group strives for relentless customer focus and operational excellence, which is supported by a global team of highly professional and experienced project teams. The company delivers innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore operations.

The company is a leading IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) contractor and trenching operator in Norway and the North Sea and has a global presence with offices in Norway, UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore.

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Sewol via KIOST

The Sewol Ferry that sank over a year ago in April 2014 in South Korea with the tragic loss of many school children has been a national disaster for South Korea . Our Managing Director , Mark atte...

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  • Testimonial

    I have, and remain, a keen supporter of ADUS and the high resolution surveys that you have performed.

    ADUS has brought something novel to the industry and wherever it is exhibited, it has drawn interest as I am sure you know.

    David Pockett - Marine Consultant LOC Marine & Engineering Constultants